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Glenn Ballard New World Tech
Glenn Ballard New World Tech

New World Tech was founded in 2016 by Glenn Ballard; fearless problem solver, motivator and mentor.

When he first started the company, Glenn’s mission was to understand customers business problems and deliver real world business outcomes. His vision was to unlock the value with future proofed products and services in highly secure manner, and a quicker time to market and less capital-intensive means of delivering business improvement and cloud integration. Today, NWT provides a carefully curated portfolio of services from our team, underpinned by a rigorous but adaptable governance framework that ensures the customer experience and business outcomes to maximise return on investment is delivered at the most appropriate mix of cost and acceptable risk.  

Glenn started his career at Colonial Mutual Life Assurance and has worked with enterprise IT providers including Ericsson, EDS, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and now NWT with clients such as Aviva, Nest and Aegon within the Financial Services and secure Government clients.

“We are a team of Consultants with immense experience that enables us to execute real business outcomes”.

Glenn Ballard, NWT CEO

Our Commitments 

Diversity and inclusion

At NWT, we know that our greatest strengths come from our people. Inclusion and diversity is ingrained in who we are. We foster a culture that is unconditionally inclusive, and enjoy the differing perspectives, ideas and experience this brings to our company.

Commitment to sustainability
We have incorporated sustainability into every area of our business and engrained into our company culture. We have set goals for sustainability within our offices and for our teams working from home.
Our role in the community
NWT is committed to looking after the communities in which we work and live, following sustainable business practices and to creating an inclusive and ethical workplace where diversity matters.
We strive to contribute to the growth of our people and customers through volunteering days, charitable events and fund raising activities. We have defined our social purpose and how everyone at NWT can work together to achieve it. We have eliminated paper including pamphlets, brochures, forms, company information and reports. Everyone at NWT is united behind our corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.
Commitment to empowering women
From the start, NWT has always offered an inclusive environment for women and our recruitment strategy and values reflect this.
Our charities change foundation
Our chosen chartiy for 2021 is The Change Foundation. NWT encourages everyone within the team to squeeze a small amount of time into their jam-packed schedules to get involved in charitable activities.
Mental Health
According to recent research, 42% of global employees have experienced a decline in mental health since the pandemic began. The well being of every member of our team is vital. We have built a culture of connection, especially for our people working from home. Where possible we try to remove stress by setting expectations about workloads, prioritising what must get done and acknowledging what can slide if necessary.

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