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Latest Videos

Ask Evan

Article 1.0 – Blockchain, Crypto and the New World (Tech)

Ever heard or been part of this conversation recently?

Person A: “Cardano is where it’s at, I’m telling you! I’m so over Bitcoin. It’s dull and I’m super Tesla on this.”
Person B: “Nah, I prefer Ethereum…..Eth’ all the way baby!”
Person C: “Erm….what on earth are you all on about?!”

You’ll probably find you’re one or the other or parts of all three, this is because blockchain technology, decentralised finance and crypto currencies whilst emergent, are far from mainstream. If we look at the technology adoption charts of key innovations over the last 100 years we see that blockchain, DeFi and specifically Bitcoin is at less than 10% adoption. This presents huge, huge opportunity, and also challenge in relative measure.

NWT Approach to Delivering Business Value

The world has become more digital, and businesses are increasingly using technology as a core driver to create business value through Digital Transformation, either by design or by influence, through external factors such as competition or market forces. With new business models and processes emerging constantly, our customers rely on technology for their business success more than ever before.

The problem is often describing how the technology used in the solutions will deliver a business impact and what this will mean at a business level. With today’s global problems across multiple industries, the risk in these circumstances is that organisations solely focus on the technological aspects. The industry impact and the focus on Digital Transformation is not just about the introduction of new technology but more of a fundamental rethink of the corporate model, for which digital technology is the catalyst.

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