Business Value

With new business models and processes emerging constantly, our customers rely on technology for their business success more than ever before. The problem is often describing how the technology used in the solutions will deliver a business impact and what this will mean at a business level.

With today’s global problems across multiple industries, the risk in these circumstances is that organisations solely focus on the technological aspects. The industry impact and the focus on Digital Transformation is not just about the introduction of new technology but more of a fundamental rethink of the corporate model, for which digital technology is the catalyst.

At the same time, companies are now looking beyond the Digital experience towards a world based on `intelligent operations` including increased operational efficiency and effectiveness, innovation through Talent Management, Data-driven Decision-making, leveraging both AI and the Cloud, and improved Supply Chain. The new world is where ‘execute’ means real-world operating capability, not installation.

NWT understands what our new world clients seek through their solutions as they want results with reduced risk and the highest gain in respect of business value. The new world is about having an approach that solves challenges but a playbook mentality to avoid reinventing the wheel every time. It is about ensuring an emergent approach that seeks to locate the solutions properly in context of the operation.

When we engage with our customers, we want to take some initial thinking time to make sure that we ‘listen to the business’, we understand the IT capabilities required, and we have a clear plan on how our Services can help deliver the Solution. We want to make sure that our agenda reconciles with the needs, capacity, and capabilities of what the customer wants to deliver. While it may seem obvious, many partners and suppliers ignore this step or underestimate the value of the time spent on understanding the dynamics behind why the project needs to be delivered.

Business Value

You can find out more about NWT’s Approach to Delivering Business Value by downloading the free pdf below from the NWT Members Area:

New World Examples

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