Real world experience

CTO as-a-Service Private Sector

The client, a young breakaway company in the financial services sector had a unique idea for a new mobile app. The team had clearly documented what they wanted to achieve but were unclear whether they wanted to build the app internally or outsource app development. The client needed an interim CTO who could help them develop a minimum viable product (MVP), create a financial model projecting income and expenses, set up the necessary infrastructure and advise on whether they should outsource or build inhouse.

The role

NWT provided a virtual CTO who worked with the team to build a business case including financial model, make a decision regarding outsourcing or building in-house, help with the hiring of new technical resource (filling the gap while the company searched for the right candidates) set up rapid prototyping to visualise the look and feel of the product and bring further investment from the main company onboard.

Key outcome

• Delivered the value of a senior CTO without the cost incurred by hiring a permanent CTO
• Helped client embrace an Agile methodology for the development of the new app (some sprints outsourced, some kept inhouse)
• Helped to define and develop corporate strategy regarding infrastructure and technology stack
• Developed a leadership and Talent Acquisition and Development Plan
• Interacted with investors regarding further investment

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